Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Starting January 1st 2020, the AC2020 campaign team will begin their 55 Acts of Kindness project. This project will consist of one act of kindness being spread by thousands of people throughout each week of the year of 2020. This will be the year of cultivating positive change and illuminating the law of attraction.

This project is simply, easily achievable and very doable for residents of Kissimmee as well as people around the world. Below are the Acts of Kindness for each week and more will be added as time goes by:

  • Week 1: Bring a bag of groceries to your local food bank to share food with those in need

  • Week 2: Sit and chat with a new friend at lunch. Make them feel happy. (primarily for school students)

  • Week 3: Write a poem for someone you care about, and leave it somewhere they will find it.

  • Week 4: Return stray shopping carts to their stalls when you walk to the grocery store and back to the car .

  • Week 5: Help a student, friend, sibling, or anyone you know in school with their homework.

  • Week 6: Write a letter to your sibling or best friend telling them exactly why you love them.

  • Week 7: Call someone you haven't spoken to in a while. Get on the phone and tell them why they are important to you.

  • Week 8: Invite a new friend or old friend to have lunch or to go out somewhere. Give them the opportunity of choice on where to go or do.

  • Week 9: Read your favorite quote or a story to someone you care for.

  • Week 10: Bake a batch of delicious cookies with your parents and hand deliver them to someone who needs and or deserves a treat.

  • Week 11: Leave a special positive note inside someone's book or notepad, purse, book bag, etc. or on someone's desk, car, window, etc.

  • Week 12: Make a friendship bracelet for a friend. Make yourself one to match.

  • Week 13: Help your parents make breakfast or buy breakfast for someone.

  • Week 14: Pay one nice compliment to each person you see today

  • Week 15: Greet each new person you see all day with a smile. All smiles, All day.

  • Week 16: Bring a plate of treats or a gift to your local fire station. Provide love for firefighters who work long hours simply to protect us in our dying need.

  • Week 17: Get a gift for your teacher or any teacher for all the hard work they do for their students.

  • Week 18: Do something nice for your parents.

  • Week 19: Give a treat or gift to your mail carrier (postman or postwoman).

  • Week 20: Make a card or write a letter and mail it to someone you miss who is far away.

  • Week 21: Tell 5 jokes each day of the week to make someone laugh?

  • Week 22: Go for a walk with your family or a friend(s) and pick up any litter you find along the way. Keep your streets clean!!!

  • Week 23: Paint or draw a portrait of someone you love and give it to them.

  • Week 24: Take someone out to the movies.

  • Week 25: Give garbageman or garbage women a gift or a cold bottle of water.

  • Make a few personal gift certificates and hand them out, promising to do a favor for whoever cashes them in.

  • Week: Record a short video telling someone far away how much you love them, and why.

  • Week 44: Help your siblings, parents, or friends do a chore they don't like to do. Try to make it fun for all of you.

  • Week 45: Pack up fairly used clothes (preferably winter gear) and donate them to a local charity. Help other kids stay well dressed and warm this winter!

  • Week 46: Write down each and everything you are thankful for this year. Hang up the list and read it daily to remind yourself.

  • Week 47: Sing your favorite holiday song to someone you care about.

  • Week 49: Donate the toys you've outgrown to a local toy drive.

  • . Week 50: Make a holiday ornament for a neighbor and leave them on their porch or doorstep. (write a kind note as well)

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