The Lack of Women

Within this picture you will see young female students who I use to oversee while I spent my duration working out in San Francisco, California. Bret Harte Elementary is one of the low income elementary schools in San Francisco the year I worked there in 2015. Some of these wonderful young ladies who attended the school (not in the picture) use to come to school with battered clothes and or hungry. The reasons behind why they came to school that way were completely out of my control and also I was not in the position to get the explanation why. My point of stating the struggles they had is because I grew a bond of care for and with my students.

Within the student body it was very diverse races. Besides 3 Caucasian students, there was a mixture of Hispanic, Black, Samoans, Polynesians, and Indians. As I have sat in many classes with these students I noticed whenever they spoke of any leader in the world to give an example they would chose a man leader who is better known by popularity. As I observed, I use to question to myself, what if they didn’t use the most popular leaders in the world such as the President and other big historical men in history. What if the teachers used significant women leaders in history as well as in present time to shed light and inspire a new thought in the brains of all students but especially girls?

I spoke to some of the parents of the Samoan, Indian, and Polynesian students and they always show how grateful they are that their child is doing good in school because in their country education is difficult to receive if even given the opportunity. With that being a fact it saddens me to know that not only do women in third world countries barely receive education but when they do receive they are learning about their gender and things women leaders have done on this earth, they are learning more so about historical men. That in itself could be psychologically discouraging to women to not strive for positions that men are usual most dominant in.

According to UNICEF, approximately 130 million girls are being denied basic education which increases the likelihood that they will live in poverty and or die young. To think that if the parents of these students did not move to the United States, these girls had a high chance of being a part of that statistic.

Every day that I seen these girls I always inspired them to love themselves and be great. I would tell them you can be the next Michelle Obama or other women leaders in the world. I would also tell them you can be the next basketball star or doctor. Whatever their dream was I told them they can be it and just make sure you educate yourself on it. I believe the education system would benefit as well as students as a whole would benefit if they are provided education about women and to women equally as much as education on men in the world.

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