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Updated: Jul 14, 2019

By Alvin Codner:

Every store has a story, whether it’s from the young entrepreneur to the traditional family business ownership. The sharing of stories is key to the innovation, motivation and aspirations of potential young or new entrepreneurs. Throughout the years, I have reached out to millennials and centennials in this city to ask what is there to do…and where to buy in Kissimmee and majority would state that “there is nothing in Kissimmee” and that they have to go to neighboring cities such as Orlando to get what they need. The irony about that is the products and services they are searching for are located right here in Kissimmee… they simply don’t know about the businesses providing them.

The goal of the Share Your Story project is to expose local businesses in Kissimmee to millennials and centennials through the outlet they consistently use…which is social media. One major marketing tactic that older and smaller/local businesses tend to lack is social media marketing. The Share Your Story Program will provide FREE social media marketing throughout the project duration.

What is the process?

  • Share Your Story Project will be a Docu-series promoted on all social media platforms via social media influencer Alvin Codner aka Mr. Dats Life and potentially/eventually be promoted through Osceola Gazette (currently in building up the contractual details on partnership) (City of Kissimmee Osceola County/Kissimmee Chambers of Commerce Pending)

  • Each store will get a 1 to 3 minute promotional video and a 5 to 15 minute short documentary video about either or collectively… the business as a whole, the current business owner, or the past business founder.

  • Interview questions will be provided to all business owners at least 5 days prior to shooting day.

  • Each promo and docu-show will be reviewed by the business owner prior to being posted on any social media platform.

  • Video Production is projected to be this summer June 1st through July 31st 2019 and publication of the docuseries and projected to be in October,2019 (date may change depending on Osceola Gazette Partnership)

  • The services provided by Share Your Story Program is FREE for all businesses located within the city limits of Kissimmee.

In the future, the SYS project may share stories of entrepreneurs who are located outside of the city limits but in the Osceola County area such as St. Cloud, Celebration, Harmony and Poinciana…but there may be charges and fees that apply.


Contact: Alvin Codner Email: Number: 407-973-2487

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