Practicing Resilience to Overcome all Obstacles Through Life

By Alvin Codner:

What is resilience?

The definition of resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.

Being resilience throughout life as it throws its trials and tribulations towards you, will help go through in a more positive and effective way obstacles in a positive manner.

Resilience Instructions:

  1. Build positive beliefs in your abilities. Remind yourself of your strengths and accomplishment. Once you become confident about your talents and abilities to respond and handle a crisis in a positive way, you will then see the start of your resilience grow.

  2. Find some type of purpose in your life. Find something that will motivate you and continue drive you to fight and push forward. For example, this lady had a son who died of lung cancer because he always smoked cigarettes. She promised herself that she will build an organization to against and ban the selling and usage of tobacco. That was her purpose in life. Of course yours doesn’t have to involve any death, but search for what important to you.

  3. Be optimistic. Maintaining optimism during the dark stages in life can have a high difficulty, but keeping a hopeful and positive state of mind is an important part of resilience. Having positive thoughts are about understanding that setbacks are transient and that you have the skills and talents to combat the challenges you face.

  4. Develop problem solving skills. Research suggests that people who are able come up with solutions to a problem are better able to cope with problems than those who cannot. Whenever a new challenge comes about, make a quick list of some of the problem. Experiment with different strategies and focus on developing a logical way to work through common problems.

  5. Establish goals and take steps to accomplish them. Resilient people are able to view these situations in a realistic way, and then set reasonable goals to deal with the problem. Focus on the progress that you have made thus far and planning your next steps, rather than becoming discourage by the amount of work that still needs to be accomplished.

  6. Keep working on your resilience skills. Resilience cannot be built overnight. It takes time.

Note: Remember, there is always a positive in every negative but you can’t find it if you can’t be resilient in life’s obstacles.

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