Practicing Forgiveness to Increase Your Resilience

By Alvin Codner:

What is Forgiveness?

The definition of forgiveness is based from the word forgiving is to be willing to forgive and be merciful. Forgiving what life throws at you can always be a hassle to do at first, but, forgiving will push you forward in overcoming life’s negative obstacles in the most positive manner.

Forgiveness Instructions:

  1. Think about a time or scenario that you were in a difficult situation and you had a hard time forgiving a person. A time that you held a grudge against someone without even giving them a chance to say sorry.

  2. Once you gathered all your thoughts together, put yourself in that person’s shoes at the point and time of the scenario. If the tables were turned, wouldn’t you want to be forgiving? Think about how you would if you weren’t to be forgiven by someone who you truly didn’t mean to do no harm to. Think about if you were to use the situation in a positive way by forgiving the person and using it in a positive way by showing good character towards others.

  3. You will find out, after putting yourself in the other person’s shoes, you would want to be forgiven as well. You also notice that holding grudges is wasting time and holding you back while going through the tough situations in your life. Example, “My friend stole money from me and I stopped being his friend because he won’t pay me back because he said he can’t afford it” If I would just forgive my friend maybe he could help me find another way to pay me back, not per se in money but in a blessing or gesture that will in some matter benefit me and be suffice to however much money was owed to begin with.

  4. Practice at the end of each day, to find at least 1 way to forgive someone no matter what it is and also find an alternative positive way to handle the situation. Gradually add up every week to find more than one thing to be grateful for in life each day.

Note: Remember, there is always a positive in every negative but you can’t find it if you don’t forgive when people use negativity towards you.

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