Practicing Acceptance to Expand Life's Opportunities

By Alvin Codner:

What is acceptance?

The definition of acceptance is (in human psychology) a person's assent to the reality of a situation, recognizing a process or condition (often a negative or uncomfortable situation) without attempting to change it.

Accepting life’s obstacles in a positive manner will (in the end of negative situations) open more doors in life.

Acceptance Instructions:

  1. Think about a time or scenario that you were in a difficult situation and you had a hard time accepting the outcome. A time that you kept complaining on and on about your horrific outcome.

  2. Once you gathered all your thoughts together, put yourself at the moment you were denied something and or an outcome wasn’t in your favor. Now, get a paper and write down all the possible options and or ways you could have approached the situation in a different and positive way.

  3. You will find out it is highly easier to find other routes you could have taken for the simple fact you are not in the moment physically per se and your mind will be clearer. Once you have accepted that you could have reacted to certain situations in a different way, write down the positive aspects you can apply to your everyday living. Example, “I may have got robbed of my mail and my checks were stolen, but I accepted that and led me to the solution to now have online banking where I can manage and track all activity so that I cannot get robbed again.

  4. Practice at the end of each day, to find at least 1 thing in life to accept for in that day. Gradually add up every week to find more than one thing to be grateful for in life each day.

Note: Remember, there is always a positive in every negative but you can’t find it if you don’t accept the negative outcomes for what they are as a whole.

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